06 April 2010

a complex one

Today is such a nice day..huhu~ no la I said that just because I feel relieve after that friend talk to me during lurch..hehe~ what? Which friend? That friend.. That I told in the past few post before..Finally that friend talk to me just like nothing happened.. Lucky for me. Maybe that friend forgot already. haha!! Actually during the lunch, I just want to sit beside the other friend. I really only realize that friend sat there just after I sat in the place..lalala~ I also surprise whe that friend starting talk to me as usual.

But, I’m just got confuse. Last time my mate, yeah you know, we were just talking. And suddenly, he was like advising me to make my relationship with my babe better. I just wondering, what happened? And then I asked him “why? Our relation broken ka?” then he just said, “no la, just said” then he was going to tell me something that I don’t know la. Maybe he was seeing something when he and the other went to my babe house last time. It makes me curious what is happening between me and my babe???? Am I doing wrong??? Hey!! Just what happened?? It is very hard having a love story like mine. Huh!! Sometime I just thinking of stopping this what ‘love story’ oh God... please..

By the way..Like everyday I just hoping for a better life for the better future of mine. And now I am asking myself...why this time my post is in English??haha!! ok la ba kan? Just sometime need to practice writing in English. So I can write better soon. Haha!!

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