25 January 2012


I can't deny that I do blogging according to my mood
sometime this blog updated once in a blue moon
but let see few days back..
it was updated very frequently
well, yeah! I am in the blogging-mood!!

another reason is maybe because my broadband got problem.
hence I can't  facebooking during the day.
well the wifi don't allow me to.
so I only got blogger to accompany me.
thanks to blogger anyway.
thanks to the wifi too..

talking about moody
I think I do my
according to my mood also.
so don't be surprise if I always staying up late, the night before submitting the courseworks.
I only got the mood to do it that time.
actually, I was forced to find the mood.
or else, i will failed!

doing works or study by mood is absolutely NOT GOOD
but it is fun..for some reason.. :p

*do correct me if there are grammatical errors..tQ~

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