25 January 2012


after google, facebook, myBSN is my favorite page now..

*keep waiting..


I can't deny that I do blogging according to my mood
sometime this blog updated once in a blue moon
but let see few days back..
it was updated very frequently
well, yeah! I am in the blogging-mood!!

another reason is maybe because my broadband got problem.
hence I can't  facebooking during the day.
well the wifi don't allow me to.
so I only got blogger to accompany me.
thanks to blogger anyway.
thanks to the wifi too..

talking about moody
I think I do my
according to my mood also.
so don't be surprise if I always staying up late, the night before submitting the courseworks.
I only got the mood to do it that time.
actually, I was forced to find the mood.
or else, i will failed!

doing works or study by mood is absolutely NOT GOOD
but it is fun..for some reason.. :p

*do correct me if there are grammatical errors..tQ~




talking about allowance..
I remembered something.
last semester, it was happened in Ramadhan.
well, every night Muslims perform tarawikh.
included in my campus.
once, I read one of my juniors status in facebook
he said that..
"kalau elaun tak masuk aku malas nak pergi surau malam ni"
something like that, if I am not mistaken.
and so the allowance didn't in that day.
he proved it that he didn't go to surau and I don't know if he performed the tarawikh.
it is sunnah by the way.
it was so lucky that the next day we got the allowance
Alhamdulillah..everyone seem so happy
since we can eat healthier food rather than instant noodles
or anything such like that.
and I was waiting for that junior's status
if he said he will go to surau as he was very grateful for the money he got.

its irony!
that evening the day he got his allowance,
I saw him in front of his room
wearing casually, so handsome he was
and I asked..
' going out dude? '
he smiled and said
' yeah ' proudly.
I smiled back to him.

I wonder..
how come?
did he forgot what he said?
if no allowance he didn't want to go to surau.
just like he need money to just walking to surau
while if he went to surau,
he can get food..the moreh.
when he already got the allowance,
he still didn't go to surau..
shopping i guess,got money right?!

whatever dude!
u got brain, use it wisely..
by the way..don't be so touching if you read this.
hope you spent this semester's allowance well..

*i also waiting for it.. $_$ *

#English aku tak bagus sangat..sebab tu aku belajar..enjoy!