26 January 2012


it's might be the day but it seems too long
to wait from morning until the final hour.
but nobody will never give up to wait
for many reasons

I am so nervous
since everything is not confirm yet
but I still checking up for updates
because it will be fun if I will be the one
who knows the good news first and spread it to everyone.

I don't know if I need to pray for time to move faster
or slower.
if it moves faster,
the holiday will be end soon
but the time waited might be come faster, maybe
if it moves slower,
the time waited will come later, i think so
but the good thing is holiday just like a month to go.
there i started to talk nonsense..again..


dear friends
i am so sorry for my status in facebook earlier today.
i posted 'ELAUN!!!' is not because it already in
but because i hope it is in already..huhu
sorry again.hehe.. peace (n_n)v

*lets pray together..

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