24 January 2012 is not me!

people who don't know me might be said that i am an Anti-Social
but actually i am not
i had a friend who used to be one of my besties during my childhood
he was my classmates since i was standard three until standard six.
after that we were not even in the same school anymore since i chose to stay in hostel.
actually students were chosen to be in that school
and i was chosen. so lucky me.

the friend of mine somehow now ended his study i guess
because every time i am at home during the holiday
i can see him hanging out with some of my childhood friends
in front of my home under the tree.

FYI my sisters house is very near with mine. actually my dad's.
so every time i went to my sister's, i will see them talking about anything that i don't know.
i don't even want to know.

i tried to do some conversation before
but i didn't make it
because i think their way of thinking doesn't match with mine
it might because we didn't mingle around for few years back
well since i enter the hostel i guess.

sometimes i thought,
what was their perception towards me?
walking in front of them without saying any single thing. and looking at the ground.
[very der wanita melayu terakhir]

actually i am not anti-social
i just don't know how to start a conversation
and how to make it longer
especially to someone that i don't know
or someone that i didn't talk to for a long time.
sometime i think that society is anti-me
but it was a very negative thinking of mine.
i am sure it is not.

so people
if you saw me, do start a conversation
because i do like to talk
try me! [kalo ngam topiknya la]
or at least i will answer your Q's and smile.
i smile a lot. =)

*sometime people didn't smile back to us when we smiled to them. i think it is rude! u don't need to pay to smile. you will feel happier instead..well, i do!*

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